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EdgeWater Inn

Your Room on the Lake

The Edgewater Inn is a cozy and comfortable motel in the heart of Sylvan Lake. Our homely accommodations will give you the amenities of a full service hotel while offering a distinct community charm on the lake.

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Visit the Edgewater Inn and enjoy the cleanest rooms in town at the cleanest lake in Alberta

Edgewater Inn

The Edgewater Inn is your perfect destination for your time in Sylvan Lake. We are located across the street from the lake and have many amenities near by, including restaurants, bars, shops, and the famous Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash!


Our motel is the ideal place for you and your family to spend a night or two in Sylvan Lake. Our friendly staff will make sure that your stay is as enjoyable as can be.  Call now to reserve your room.

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